IMPORTANT, Maybe need it someday~

Wanna share some important thing which maybe we will need it someday.
Some are in Indonesian.. If you are interested and willing to know it, feel free to contact me. I’ll translate it for you =)


1. Type with mouse if your keyboard is missing, or broken, or etc
2. Hide Your IP Address


1. Editing Subtitles
2. Tutorial Fraps (to record your dekstop) & Virtualdub


1. Play Piano by ear (great for listening)

Learn Korean

1. Sogang Korean University
2. List of Translator plus lesson
3. Hanja Dictionary


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120429 SS4INA at MEIS (Mata Elang International Stadium) Jakarta


Here are some photos from 120429 SS4INA. Click the thumbnail for slide show. Open the pic in the new tab for original size 🙂
Fancams will be uploaded soon~

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111011 (ENG HARDSUB) CulTwo Show – Kyuhyun Sungmin Yesung

Credits : mykikiikyu4
I only make it into hardsub
Redistribute, reupload on other web is allowed with FULL CREDITS

Part 1
Part 2

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Making hardsub (hard subtitle) with VirtualDub

After downloading the softsub (soft subtitle) from the YouTube (tutorial here), now I’ll tell you how to make the softsub into hardsub (hard subtitle)

Hardsub means make the subtitle in the video, join the subtitle in the video, be in the same file.

After you make it into hardsub, you can’t change/edit the subtitle anymore.

So both of softsub and hardsub have their advantages and disadvantages.


If you know AegiSub, you can edit your subtitle there 🙂

Don’t forget to click the picture for bigger size

1. download VirtualDub first, here.

2. double click VirtualDub.exe to start VirtualDub

3. Click File, then choose “Open Video File”.

REMEMBER! The video file must be in AVI. format

4. Resize the video by clicking right in EACH video. Make sure you can see both of them 🙂

5. Click “Video” button on the toolbar, and press “Full processing mode”

6.And also “Full processing mode” in “Audio” toolbar

7. Click the “Video” button again, choose “Filters” ~> this is to add the subtitle

8. Press the “Add” button, and choose Subtitler. If you don’t have it, then choose Text Sub. Both of them are same.

9. Choose your softsub file by clicking the “…” button, then click “OK”

10. After that, make sure you can the subtitle by press the “play” button. Click the second “Play” button (the underlined one)

11. Choose “Audio” from toolbar, click “Compression”

12. I usually choose Microsoft ADPCM to compress the audio

13. Now, it’s time to compress the video. Click “video” button on the toolbar, then choose “compression”

14. I usually use Xvid MPEG-4 Codec. Press Configure. Then you can see a new box appeared. After you finished (look at the picture) click OK

15. Nah, it’s all finished. You only need to save the video ^^

Feel free to ask me =)


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Downloading Soft Subtitles (softsub) from YouTube

Don’t forget to click the picture for bigger size

1. download the software first, here.
2. after downloading, extract the files
3. now, open the Google2srt.jar as below

4. then you will see this

5. open the video WITH THE SOFTSUB which you wanna download

6. copy the video link

7. paste it to Google2srt.jar

8. browse the folder where you wanna save the softsub in

9. after that, click read. don’t forget to tick the box!

10. then, click Go!

nah, you’re finished~

Feel free to ask me =)

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What a Psychologist says about fangirls

ㅋㅋ I found this interesting~

A psychologist says: “Don’t underestimate those children who chase after Korean celebrities, their hearts are purer than anyone else, they love courageously, they will want to try their best to tackle difficult obstacles, the language and cultural barriers. They symbolize peace, they don’t discriminate based on race, they befriend people with the same interest from different countries, they’re more passionate and warm than anyone else. They don’t betray the ones they like easily, they are persistent and don’t give up easily. They are stronger than anyone else on the inside, because when they are loving these Korean stars, they experience the setbacks they’ve never experienced in life. They are all sensitive children, easily touched to tears for a long time because of one incident.
Through investigation, most of them understand gratitude. Their way of thinking is different from others, they don’t easily get carried away by love, they don’t harbour thoughts of doing bad things, and their criteria when looking for a partner is very high, other than looks, personality is more important, so the rate of marriage isn’t high, but neither is the rate of divorce.

Their memory is very good, they can easily remember the korean lyrics they don’t understand, and their coordination skills are also very strong. Most of them are cheerful children, not the kind who keep to themselves. Their will of determination is also very strong, they are able to persevere all the way just to buy something related to the celebrity they like.

In short, the way these children think is vastly different from others, and their thoughts are not easy to understand. Generally, only those who have similar interests are able to enter their world.”

Credits :

What do you think? =)

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110922 ENGSUB Han Geng @ Dahsyat

I know it’s quite late to share.. But for you who are looking forward it, i hope you enjoy it ^^

part 1
part 2
part 3

HG : Hangeng
RF : Raffi as MC
JS : Jessica as MC
OL : Olga as MC
TR : Translator

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110831 (ENG HARDSUB) Vitamin

Credits : HeartsSuperJunior
Encoder : chibi_mink

part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4

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