Yesung’s dog

Have you seen Yesung’s dog?

very cute, right? ( ´ ▽ ` )

I feel a little bit shock.. Because.. Yesung’s dog looks very very similar with my neighbor’s dog (゚Д゚≡゚Д゚)

That dog.. I really love that dog ^^
First time I met that dog, the name is Chocho, he still such a very cute little baby. He has the same birthday with me, on July 26th (another weird thing again, lol).

When the mother gave a birth to some puppys, He is the only black one among anothers. Another puppy also looked very cute, with the soft white fure ^^. But don’t know why, Chocho was very cute at that time.. My neighbor and I quite argued which puppy she wanna take care. Of course I recommended that black one. But she loved the other white fure. Thankfully her mother also likes Chocho lol~
Before, I was very scared with dog! Yeah, have some bad memories with some dogs. But thanks to Chocho. I never afraid of dog again since I met him. I used to hold him, play with him, since he was a puppy. Finally Chocho healed me (?)
And until now, he is still small and cute as usual, hehe. Makes me feel comfort when he is around 🙂


*PS : Don’t forget to click the image for better quality (full size) ^^


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