Downloading Soft Subtitles (softsub) from YouTube

Don’t forget to click the picture for bigger size

1. download the software first, here.
2. after downloading, extract the files
3. now, open the Google2srt.jar as below

4. then you will see this

5. open the video WITH THE SOFTSUB which you wanna download

6. copy the video link

7. paste it to Google2srt.jar

8. browse the folder where you wanna save the softsub in

9. after that, click read. don’t forget to tick the box!

10. then, click Go!

nah, you’re finished~

Feel free to ask me =)


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  1. 1

    rainysya said,

    i’m sorry i wanna ask something, why i can’t extract the Google2srt.jar?

  2. 2

    rainysya said,

    i’m sorry for my mistake, now i can use the Google2srt.jar. thank you..
    but i wanna ask you again, can the Google2srt.jar use for dailymotion?

  3. 4

    Nur Ameera Husna said,

    Sorry to disturbed but I like to ask, why it will say ‘Conversion cannot be done. Check have you read permissions over input file and write permission over output file’

  4. 6

    […] downloading the softsub (soft subtitle) from the YouTube (tutorial here), now I’ll tell you how to make the softsub into hardsub (hard […]

  5. 7

    cloudyeppeo said,

    i’ve followed your instruction for soft-sub
    but, i wanna ask you..
    must i rename srt with name of video?

  6. 9

    Sea said,

    Thanks you so much for sharing…
    It works & really help me ^^

  7. 10

    langit said,

    i’ve downloaded and i extract them with Winrar, but the Google2SRT.jar become Winrar Archives, can you tell me what’s wrong with that extraction??

  8. 16

    what software did you use to extract the files…maybe that is what im doing wrong, because i cant actually open the .jar file

  9. 19

    de_cihuahua said,

    dewaaa banget postingannyaaa!!! ^^

  10. 20

    bell said,

    hi. i tried to open Google2SRT.jar file but i’m getting ‘a java exception’ error message. please help. thanks.

  11. 22

    donghaesjbiased said,

    hi, i’m not sure about this one but i think the new version of youtube don’t have the cc button. correct me if i’m wrong. i tried to use the software, and it wrote unknown error… i guess the software could not extract the soft sub for new version of youtube. do you have any other way to download the soft sub? currently i’m downloading the youtube software for downloading soft sub. but i don’t know if it’ll help me or not. sorry for the long comment πŸ™‚

    • 23

      chibimink said,

      Yes, it still has the CC button. Would you like to give me the video link? I will try download it for you. I made this tutorial a years ago. I don’t know if there’s any changes, everything changes very fast, right?

  12. 24

    biiianx said,

    Thank you for this tip πŸ™‚ It works for me on my first try!

  13. 26

    lia-chan said,

    Kak, itu kan download softsub dr youtube, kakak ada cara ga buat softsub sendiri?

  14. 28

    Download your favorite video from Youtube,Vimeo , Facebook , Twitter, Instagram and ETC at

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