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110917 Love Request – Super Junior Cuts (via Super Junior | RETURN OF THE SUPERIOR)

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IMPORTANT, Maybe need it someday~

Wanna share some important thing which maybe we will need it someday.
Some are in Indonesian.. If you are interested and willing to know it, feel free to contact me. I’ll translate it for you =)


1. Type with mouse if your keyboard is missing, or broken, or etc
2. Hide Your IP Address


1. Editing Subtitles
2. Tutorial Fraps (to record your dekstop) & Virtualdub


1. Play Piano by ear (great for listening)

Learn Korean

1. Sogang Korean University
2. List of Translator plus lesson
3. Hanja Dictionary

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First post~

Huah, finally I can post.. This is my first post ^^ I’ve registered for 9 days. But still I haven’t touched it.
I was so busy with school and etc etc. My homework and exams kept increasing. Even in this public holiday, I have homeworks and upcoming exams :O Yeah, I think it’s normal for students to hate this XD
And 1 other thing.. is @YesungCenter . Ah, for you who don’t know who is she, she is one of amazing fanbase in K-Pop, actually for Yesung, the member of Super Junior. Hmm if you don’t know who is Yesung also, you can search it on the internet. Maybe I’ll tell about him, but not now.

I think.. She has made a very great fanbase? She has a YouTube account, here. And also a twitter account in past. But she decided to delete it 😦 She always tweeted all of the info, picture, videos, and the translation also completely. She is also the fastest. And she already subbed most of the (or maybe all, i’m not sure) Yesung’s shows.
Yeah, i hope now you can imagine how diligent she is.
At earlier June 2011, she tweeted that she need a timer, who can put the subs into the video. Fortunately she accepted me 🙂 And I’m so happy at that time lol. But when she gave me a project, oh.. It was a nightmare. I can’t speak Korean, and I just know how to use the subbing program. Thankfully I was in the middle of holiday, so that I could use my free time to understand it 😛
Video by video, I feel I can understand more ^^ And I greet so many friends overseas, from Japan, Singapore, Holland, and Vietnam. But deleting it which I ever helped.. Okay, Let it flow~

Ah, and this is some of the Radio broadcasting with ENGSUB which most of the members came. Thankfully I can participated in some of the video for the last time ^^
1. 110812 SUKIRA
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5
part 6
part 7
part 8

2. 110813 ShimShimTaPa
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5
part 6

At least I still have a chance to meet many good friends.. @YesungCenter ‘s team, thanks for giving me happy memories 🙂

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